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Oak Ridge High School

RHS Building 1

Building designed by Edgar Lucian Malvaney from Jackson, MS.


The 2023 All-County Reunion is over. Thanks to Donald and Bettye Oakes and Annie Warnock and all members of the committee who made it happen. Pictures can be seen at link in panel at left: "RHS Reunion 2023"

Reunion contacts are:
Annie Warnock-601-831-1343-Culkin
Bettye Oakes-601-415-9282-Jett
Donald Oakes-601-415-9375-Redwood



New on the Site:

(1) Information in Redwood History on early buildings including the "Green School" which was just up the road near home of Ralph Wells. Also there is information about the architect who designed the school.

(2) New High Resolution Scans of 1946 Yearbook. The group pictures can be zoomed in your browser to see more details. I have also started a project to provide names for students in these photos. If you can name anyone please email me: Email Mel Oakes

Introduction to Site: This web site, located at was created by Melvin Oakes who graduated from Redwood in 1954. His three brothers, Charles, Floyd and Donald graduated there and his sister attended for a short time.

If you have trouble reaching a page you have bookmarked before, then go to the link above and rebookmark your page. The site had to be altered to provide encryption for new security requirements in today's browsers.

I would very much appreciate your corrections, additions and comments. To email me click the link below.

To e-mail me, click the following link: Email Mel Oakes

My home address is: Melvin Oakes, 2507 Briargrove, Austin, TX, 78704.

Most classes have a dedicated page. I have also included years for Oak Ridge School. For each Redwood class I have one of the composite pictures made for the graduating seniors. Some are of poor quality since my brother, Donald, had to photograph them through their glass cover. If you have one and are willing to share please contact me or Donald.

I would like also to have a list of names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses for class members. Please let me know the names of anyone that you know is deceased and the year of death if possible. Obituaries would be very helpful. Information on spouses of deceased members will also be included. Any class reunion pictures would also be appreciated. If you have not attended a reunion, I would like to get a picture to include. Old pictures related to the school would add much. I am especially interested in pictures of teachers. If you scan pictures for e-mailing, please scan all pictures in color and at 150-200 dpi. Do not worry about the condition of an old picture; I can restore it with Photoshop if it is of high interest.

As mentioned above, I would appreciate corrections and suggestions. Those that contribute will be acknowledged on this page. I reserve the right to decide what content will be included on the site. I look forward to creating with your help an enduring memory of our school. (Important Warning: My wife Pat is an avid and able photographer and for reasons that escape me she conspires to have me in her pictures. Since many of the candid pictures here are hers, you must suffer. You can dilute my presence by sending me your pictures as soon as possible.)

Acknowledgements: Donald Oakes’ (1957) support has been critical in the development of this site. He is both eyes and legs for me in Vicksburg. He gives generously of his time scanning photos, visiting possible contributors and sharing information gleaned from county-wide reunions that he helps organize. Robbie Whitaker has provided a valuable history of our school and many identifications. Jane Keen Griffin (1954) has shared her extensive collection of Redwood memorabilia. Floyd (1955) & Betty Jo Terrell Oakes have been a great help with the Oak Ridge page. Others sending material include Robbie Whitaker, Nina Andrews, Barbara McDuff Guttery, Dorothy Sadler Barfield (1954), Johnnie Young Brown, Billie King Pennington, Gloria Crapps Gunn, Carol & Jack Pace, Gail Wells LaHatte, James Coley (1951), Ailene Hays Weldon (1952) and Marie Parker. Many of the athletic pictures were provided by Coach J. C. and Dot Dorman. A great friend, Lois Mallory, has proofed the site for me and caught many errors.

A wonderful history of Redwood High School was written by Robbie Whitaker and presented at a school reunion in 1988. Robbie did this without the sources available now through the internet. I have added additional information from such sources. Click for Redwood High School History

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(If you know of other sites associated with these school, please email me.)

RHS Principals

Left to Right: Vera Opperman, J. Noel Nutt, Harold D. Bishop, Floyd S. Franklin and J. C Dorman

  • Principals:
  • 1914 -- Miss Inez Lum (1870–1937)
    1917-- Mr Alonzo McKay, raised pure bred pigs, joined the U. S. Navy in 1918. Referred to as Professor McKay. Taught at Beech Grove School. He had a band in Vicksburg.
  • 1924 -- Mrs. Charles (Louise) Dunn (1884–1938)
  • 1926 -- Mr. Winston
  • 1926–1933 -- Mr. Mark M. Chaney, lawyer. He was born June 8th, 1887, in Decater, MS to George W. and Susan Chaney. He was one of eight children. He was inducted into the US Army on May 3, 1918 in Sharkey, County, MS. He was sent to Camp Pike, Arkansas, and then to Edinburgh, Scotland and finally to France. He was released August 21, 1919. He attended Mississippi Normal School. He married Maud James in 1926, in Little Rock, MS, and became principal of Redwood School. He and Maud had one son, Mark M. Chaney, Jr. His wife, Maud, was a teacher at Culkin. He served in the Mississippi legislature for four years choosing not to run for re-election. He left Redwood to become the principal of Bovina School. He died July 14,1978.
  • 1933 -- W. T. Lowrey —There is a Dr. William Tyndale Lowery that in 1910 was President of Mississippi College. This is his son, W. T. Lowrey Jr., born 1895. According to Robbie Whittaker, he was married and had a boy and a girl while principal of the "Green School."
  • 1936 -- Virgil O'Neill
  • 1943 -- Vera Opperman
  • 1944 -- J. Noel Nutt
  • 1945 -- Harold D. Bishop
  • 1949 -- Floyd S. Franklin
  • 1962 -- J. C. Dorman
  • 1987 -- Sara Hill




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