Oak Ridge Yearbook 1941



Oak Ridge School had only one yearbook. Fortunatel Elbert S. Reddit, Sr., a graduate, saved his copy and shared with us for scanning.

















Eighth Grade: Front Row: Mattie Mae Johnson, Geneva McMarar, Christine Pierce, John Scott "Skippie" Cole
Back Row: Mary Louise Hall, Emma Mae McBroom, Mrs. Knox Austin–Sponsor, Hope King, C. T. Smithhart
Class Members Unassigned in Photo: J. W. Hearn missing from photo. (identification from Billy King Pennington.)























Seventh Grade

The sepia version was shared by Betty Oakes. Original belonged to Gladys Alexander.

Alternate identifications by Gloria Crapps Gunn and Billy King Pennington

Front row:  Thelma Hicks, Bernice Crapps, Martha Haney, Clyde Ruth Rowland, William Hays Guyton
Second Row:  Mrs. Lee V. Russell, Clifton E. Harris, James Hannah, Gladys Alexander, Pete Stubbs
Third Row: Therrell Hannah, William Hamilton Jr., Joe Simms, Earl McBroom (with head cut off), George McBroom, Walter Whitten

Fifth and Sixth Grade Classes (All the identifications were generously provided by Billy King Pennington, 4/8/2018)

Back Row: L to R: Audra Pease,2?,3?,Billy King, Steve Cook, Edith Warnock (tall girl), ?, Lurline Hicks, Goff Bryant
Third Row: Two girls and a boy: 4?, 5?, 6?
Second Row: Mrs. Estelle Beard, 7?, Jewell Sibley, Mary Alice Haney, Billy Ray Hackler, Chesley Ernestine Johnson (1929–2001), Carol Guyton10?
Front Row: Sarah Virginia Hamilton, 11?, Patsy Worthy, Barbara Stanley, Ruby Pierce (1930-1986), Shelby Crapps12?, Florence Pierce (1929–2001), Billy Allison

Class Members Unidentified: 5th Grade: Clifton Hearn, Virgil MCCarthey, Clyde Knox Webster, Audra Burton, Chestine Sanderford, Chesley Warnock, Majorie Hannah, Callie Hearron, Bonnie Maw Harrison, Dorothy Plake, ,

Help with identification greatly appreciated oakes@physics.utexas.edu