Redwood Class of 1957



Class Pages:

In these pages I have collected information, photos and memorabilia from the classes that I have been able to secure from students and social media. If you have materials from your class, please contact me. I will happily add items to the page. My email is




Graduation: L to R: Gayle O’Connor,? Maybe a minister, Donald Oakes (Valedictorian), Dorothy McGarrh, Charles Hintson, Margaret Alexander, Cecil King, Kathryn Brewer, Jack Cooper, Carol Jean Smith, Paul Alderman.

Graduation: L to R: Hermanell Hearn, Noel Nutt, Minister?, Donald Oakes (Valdictorian), Dorothy McGarrh, Charles Hintson, Margaret Alexander, Cecil King, Kathryn Brewer, Jack Cooper.

Class Pictures

1st Grade-1946-Teachers: Mrs Bessie Legg & Mrs. J. F. Larche
Back Row: ?, ?, ?, Frank Jeffers, Bonnie Holifield, ?, Talmadge Walley, Dorothy Cousins, ?
3rd Row:?, Donald Oakes, ?, ?, Aubrey Scarber, ?, ?, ?, Jack Davidson,
2nd Row:?, Crissler Fuller, Estrelle Hambright, ?, ?, Sidney Sanderson, Malcolm Harmon, ?, ?, ?
1st Row:?, Doloros Bourgoyne, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Katherine Brewer, Gail O’Connor, Bobbie Ann Hintson,

2nd Grade-1947-Teacher: Miss Emily Fullilove
Back Row: Mary Nell Hart, ?, Annie Brittain, Donald Oakes, Sandra Robbins?, Aubrey Scarbar,?, Estrelle Hambright, Estell Hambright
3rd Row: Billy Foster, ?, Dorothy Cousins, Bonnie Holifield, Unknown, Unknown, Malcolm Harmon, Sidney Sanderson
2nd Row: Frank Jeffers, Catherine Brewer, Talmadge Walley, Betty Jo Ogle, ?, James Crisler Fuller, Jack Davidson, Carl Roberts
1st Row: Bobbie Ann Hintson, unknown, unknown

3rd Grade-1948-Teacher: Mrs. R. R. Bowman

4th Grade-1950-Teacher: Miss Mignonne McCandles

5th Grade-1950-Teacher: Mrs Aubin Holliday

6th Grade-1951-Teacher: Mrs Maud Franklin



Our Teachers

Mrs. J. F. Larche, 1st Grade,
North Texas State Teachers Colege
Mrs. J. F. Larche, 1st Grade,
North Texas State Teachers Colege
Miss Mignonne McCandless, 4th Grade,
Miss. Normal College
Aubin Holiday, 5th Grade,
Miss. Normal College
Ella Roberts, 6th Grade, Miss. Southern College
Mrs. E. F. "Vera" Opperman, Jr.
High English and Bioloty, Grenada College
Mrs. L. V. Russell, Social Studies, Miss. Women's College
Kerna Mae (Hester) Faris,
Home Economics, U. of Virginia
Mary M. Sherard, English, MSCW
Ralph L. Wells, Education, Mississippi State University



Class Pictures

Donald Oakes 1945-46
Donald Oakes
Donald Oakes
Donald Oakes
Carol Hinson
Bonnie Holifield
Bonnie Holifield
Carol Hinson
Bonnie Holifield



Class Memorabilia



Letter below is from Mrs. McCandless to Mrs. Fred Oakes praising her son Donald. It demonstrates her love of her students and pride in their work.




Athletics Photos


1956-57 Football Team
Back Row: Coach Ted Langford, Coach Martin Frohn, Coach J.C. Dorman, J.W. Redditt, Billy Carl Irwin, Charles Hintson, Richard Bounds, Donald Oakes, Jack Cooper, Joe Jeffers, Stephen Bounds, Paul Alderman, Bobby Walley, Clayton Wright, Jack Davidson, Thomas Keen

Front Row: Freddie Butts, Jimmy Weaver, Frank Sadler, John Burton, Albert Bates, Jerry Burroughs, James McCluskey, Albert McKay, Sonny Keen, Jimmy Davidson,

1953-54 Redwood High School Football Team.

Back Row: Harold Tinnim, Wayne Summerall, Wilson H. Brent, Johnny Brewer, Melvin Oakes, John Robert Griffin, Ted Porter, Floyd Oakes, Coach J. C. Dorman

Second Row: Aubrey (Possum) Scarber, Donny Weaver, George Brown, Todd Huskey, Earl Martin, Leonard Pugh, Jack Copper, James Wright, Curtis Hedrick

Front Row: George Gray, Talmadge Walley, Sydney Sanderson, Billy Rae Brock, Tinker Huskey, D. Brewer, Clayton Wright, Chrisler Fuller, Paul Alderman

1957 Men’s Basketball
Back Row: Stephen Bounds, J. W. Redditt, Charles Hintson, Richard Bounds, Donald Oakes, Jack Cooper, Joe Jeffers, Coach J. C. Dorman
Front Row: John Burton, James McCluskey, Sonny Keen, Albert McKay, Freddie Butts, Jerry Burroughs

All Tournament Award at left.

Redwood High School Boys Basketball, 1953-54
Regional Champions

Back Row: Tinker Huskey, Leon Stevens, Jack Cooper, Donald Oakes, Johnny Brewer, Donnie Weaver, Wayne Summerall, Cecil Fonville, Lavon Jeffers

Front Row: Paul Alderman, Allen Earl Martin, Melvin Oakes, Ted Porter, Floyd Oakes, Johnny Griffin, Coach J. C. Dorman

Boys basketball had a banner year during 53-54. The team won 27 consecutive victories then played Madison in the B-BB District Tournament Quarter-Finals. Madison also had a perfect season winning all 27 of their games. The shootout was played in Pearl with the team enjoying the Robert E. Lee hotel as their quarters. Redwood won the game 55-45. (Points scored: Ted Porter-16, Earl Martin-12, Melvin Oakes-15, Johnny Griffin-3, Floyd Oakes-7 and Leon Stevens-2) and moved on to Semi-finals where they defeated Pearl 88-61, (Earl Martin-15, Ted Porter-20, Melvin Oakes-26, Johnny Griffin-17, Floyd Oakes-10, Donald Oakes-0).The finals were moved to the Jackson City Coliseum where Redwood defeated Utica 44-33, (Earl Martin-10, Ted Porter-2, Melvin Oakes-12, Johnny Griffin-12, Floyd Oakes-8, Donald Oakes-0). On February 25, 1954 Redwood went to the B-BB Southern tournament at Brookhaven ranked first. Their first round opponent, Stratton, was ranked last. Someone forgot to tell this to the Stratton players who “exploded” in the second half and defeated Redwood 53-38 in what Coach Dorman told the press the next morning “Redwood’s worst game of the season.” This ended Redwood’s bid for a State title with a 29-1 record

Boys Basketball 1954
L to R: Front: Tinker Huskey, Leon Stevens, Allen Earl Martin, Talmadge Walley
Back: Melvin Oakes, Floyd Oakes, Ted Porter, Johnny Griffin, Coach J. C. Dorman

Missing: Jack Cooper, Donald Oakes, Johnny Brewer, Donny Weaver, Wayne Summerall, Cecil Fonville, Lavon Jeffers, Paul Alderman (manager)

1957 Men’s Baseball
Back Row: Frank Sadler, John Burton, Charles Hintson, Paul Alderman, Freddie Butts, Albert McKay
Front Row: Joe Jeffers, J. W. Redditt, Donald Oakes, Stephen Bounds, Coach J. C. Dorman

1952-53 Baseball,
Back Row: Chrisler Fuller, Clayton Wright, Bill Porter, Tom Dye, Todd Huskey, Bob Dye, Donnie Weaver

Front Row: Phares Griffin, Allen Earl Martin, Melvin Oakes, Johnny Griffin, Ted Porter, Billy Wayne Bishop, George Brown, Billy Gene Weaver

1953-54 Redwood High School Baseball Team.

Back Row: Jimmy Allison, George Grey, James Wright, Johnny Brewer, Charles Hintson, Talmadge Walley, Leon Stevens, Richard Allen, Floyd Oakes

Second Row: Aubrey (Possum) Scarber, Jack Cooper, Leonard Pugh, Paul Alderman, Donald Oakes, Clayton Wright, Crissler Fuller, Lavon Jefferies, Raymond Allen, Ted Porter.

Front Row: Coach J. C. Dorman, Sydney Sanderson, Billy Rae Brock, Allen Earl Martin, Todd Huskey, Johnny Griffin, Melvin Oakes, Tinker Huskey, Cecil Fonville

(Photo has three Oakes brothers in it.)



In 2017, Hinds Community College selected 100 People Pasinate about Hinds. Two of those selected had connections with Redwood High School. Donald Oakes, son of Fred and Margie Oakes, teacher, principal, ex-superintendent of schools for Warren County and Hinds CC Board Member was chosen. Also selected was Bobbie Sue Barber Anderson, a 1948 Redwood graduate and former dean of the Hinds CC Jackson Campus-Nursing Allied Health Center. Anderson, spent 24 years at Hinds’ nursing campus, retiring in 1993 when an annex building on the Chadwick Drive campus was named for her.

Hinds CC to dedicate new building at Vicksburg-Warren Campus

NEWS APRIL 30, 2019 Danny Barrett

A ceremony to name the new Academic and Career-Technical building at Hinds Community College Vicksburg-Warren Campus, plus several existing buildings and venues on campus, is set for 2 p.m. May 10.

Those to be honored at the ceremony include 10 individuals who have been closely associated with the origins and continued development of the campus. The dedication is open to the public and a reception will follow. The two-story, 40,000-square-foot signature building is being named for Richard George, president of the Warren County Board of Supervisors, and Donald Oakes, former Vicksburg Warren School District superintendent and current member of the Hinds Community College Board of Trustees.

Warren County committed property tax dollars to help pay for the $13 million project. The building is also being funded by federal and state New Market Tax Credits through the Hinds Community College Foundation.

“The most impressive thing to me about Hinds over the years has been a realization that so many individuals had an affordable opportunity for an education that they otherwise would have foregone,” said George, a 1968 Hinds Community College alumnus. George is in his sixth term on the county board.

Oakes, a 1960 graduate of Hinds, won state titles in track and football in his days as a student-athlete. As an educator, his Warren County career spanned nearly four decades as a teacher, coach, assistant principal and principal at seven schools before he served as school superintendent.

“I’ve lived here all my life and am proud of how Hinds has allowed so many people in this area to participate in post-secondary education,” Oakes said. “The fact that my name will be recognized is a distinct honor for which I’m eternally grateful.”

The George-Oakes Building will include 10 classrooms, eight teaching labs, administrative offices, a downstairs training lab that holds about 50 participants and an upstairs multipurpose room that holds about 80 participants. The school district’s River City Early College program will be housed on the second floor.

Reunion Photos

1988 Reunion: Jack Davidson, Jack Copper, Malcolm Harmon, Chrissler Fuller, Charles Hintson, Bonnie Holifield, Donald Oakes, Katherine Brewer
Front Row: Bobbie Ann Hintson, Sandra Robbins, Lola Mae Powell , Dolores Bourgoyne, Martha Alexander, Betty Jo Terrell ,
Frances Smith McKay, Dorothy Cousins, Estelle Hambright


1992 Reunion:
Back Row: ?, Claude Warnock, Charles Hintson, Lonnie Wolley, ? Hollowell
Fourth Row: ?, ?, Ella Sue Porter Embry, Mettie Ruth Higgins, Richard Bounds
Third Row: ?, Diane Hearn Bowman, Sonny Keen, Ruby Wray Hintson, Stephen Bounds
Second Row: Joe Jeffers, Bobby LaHatte, ?, Shiers, Leon Stevens(sunglasses),
Front Row: Nathan Skipworth, ?, Fran Jeffers Graham, ?, ?, Betty Jo Terrell Oakes, Donald Oakes

Donald and Floyd Oakes, Ted Porter, Johnny Griffin, Mel Oakes, Phares Griffin, Seated, Dot and J.C. Dorman, Jane Griffin, Sally Porter

King Siblings (2007), L to R:
Back: Cecil(Class of 1957) and Robert(Class of 1955)
Seated: Hope (Oak Ridge Class of 1945) and Billy (Redwood Class of 1947)

Back row, left to right – Charles Hintson, Jack Davidson, Chrisler Fuller, Stephen Bounds
Front row, left to right – Frances Smith Jowers, Betty Jo Terrell Oakes





Candid Photos

Front, L to R: Floyd & Betty Oakes, Dot and Phares Griffin, Jane Keen Griffin, Sally Cooper Porter, Bettye Oakes

Back: Mel Oakes, Johnny Griffin, Ted Porter, Donald Oakes (Photo 2010 at home of Donald & Bettye Oakes)

Donald Oakes and Sidney Sanderson, February, 2019


1947-Teachers: Miss Fullilove and Miss Mignonne McCandless

Back Row: Crissler Fuller, ?,?, Aubrey Scarber, ?,?, ?, Sidney Sanderson, ?, Donald Oakes,?,?, ?, Ralph Kent Severe, Wilford Cockrell, Charles Cockrell, Orvis Hart, Floyd Oakes, Kenny Stephenson, Jack Hill, Thomas Smith

Front Row: ?, ?,?,?,?, ?, ?, Bobbie Ann Hintson?, Mary Nell Hart

1954 Boys 4-H Club

Donald Oakes was selected one of the 100 Passionate People about Hinds Community College, 2017

More Candid Photos

Lovie (Pugh) & Jimmy Bailey
Front, L to R: Edith Brent Robbins with her children: L to R: Sandra, Gail in front of Marvin, and Cathy Sue in arms. 1947
Bonnie Holifield Wilson, Freshman Day, 1953
Merry Go Round designed and built by Fred Oakes for his children, later moved to Redwood Playground.
Dorothy Cousins, Freshman Day, 1953
Merry Go Round designed and built by Fred Oakes for his children, later moved to Redwood Playground.
A.V. “Red” & Bonnie Holifield Wilson,
Wedding Day, 1957. Next picture 50 years later.
A.V. “Red” & Bonnie Holifield Wilson,
50th Anniversary, 2007
(Red passed away in 2009)
A.V. “Red” & Bonnie Holifield Wilson,
Bonnie Holifield Wilson,





Rockets Obituaries of deceased members of Class of 1957
Gone But Not Forgotten

Malcolm K. Harmon
September 14, 1939-July 27, 2010

Malcolm K. Harmon, age 70, of Pearcy, went to be with the Lord, Tuesday, July 27, 2010.

He was born on September 14, 1939, at Yazoo County, Mississippi, the son of John Leonard Harmon and Inez Potter Harmon. On April 6, 1962, he was married to Dot Pritchard. He is preceded in death by his parents and one sister-in-law, Louise Harmon.

Malcolm was a member of Center Fork Baptist Church, where he was a deacon and a member of the choir. He was employed as a welder for Vicksburg Chemical Company until he retired. He was a Mason with the Walnut Ridge Lodge 390 and played steel-guitar with the Still Water Bluegrass Band.

Malcolm is survived by his wife of 48 years, Dot Harmon of Pearcy; his daughter and son-in-law, Tamara and Dusty Wilson of Pearcy; two grandchildren, Jeremiah Wilson and Tabatha Wilson, both of Pearcy; one brother, Doug Harmon of Vicksburg, Mississippi; and nieces, nephews and a host of friends.

Services will be at 10:00 AM, Thursday, July 29, 2010, at the Davis-Smith Funeral Home Chapel, Hot Springs, with Bro. Lynn Baxter officiating. Interment will be in Memorial Gardens Cemetery under the direction of Davis-Smith Funeral Home. Visitation will be from 6:00 PM until 8:00 PM, Wednesday evening at the funeral home. Pallbearers will be Sam Mullins, Billy Skipper, Steve Davidson, Wiley Pritchard, Dusty Wilson and Jeremiah Wilson. Honorary pallbearers will be Pete Rainwater, Dr. Kyle Roper, Dr. Joe Howe, Dr. John Brunner, and the entire staff of St. Joseph's Mercy Health Center. Memorials may be made in Malcolm's name to the Center Fork Baptist Worship Fund for the Music Department, 1101 South Moore Road, Hot Springs, AR 71913-8566.


Walter Leon Stevens
1938-Nov. 15, 2010

Walter Leon Stevens died Monday, Nov. 15, 2010, at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Jackson. He was 72.

Born in Holly Bluff, Mr. Stevens had been a Vicksburg resident most of his life. He was a veteran of the Air Force and was retired from Illinois Central Railroad.

He is survived by three sons, Raymond Todd Stevens of Tupelo, Michael Kelly Stevens of Houston, Texas, and Charles Stevens of Jackson; one daughter, Patricia Lynn Waite of Gonzales, La.; two sisters, Jeanette Roberts of Vicksburg and Evelyn Hicks of Panama City, Fla.; and 17 grandchildren.

Services will be at 2 p.m. Wednesday at Green Acres Memorial Park. Visitation will be at Glenwood Funeral Home from noon Wednesday until the service.


Paul Clayton Wright
November 26, 1939-March 26, 2005

PAUL "CLAYTON" WRIGHT, 65, of Gonzales, formerly of Houston, went to be with his Lord and Savior, Saturday, March 26, 2005. He was a member of the First Baptist Church in Gonzales, he was a retired District Chief of the Houston Fire Department where he served 31 years; his friends in the department will forever remember him as "Chief."

He is survived by his wife, Joyce Marie Wright, daughters and son-in-laws, Gayle & Mickey Cates, Leslie & Ben Hicks, son and daughter-in-law, Chris & Sandra Wright, brothers and sisters-in-law, Luther & Katie Wright, Jack & Jeannine Wright, James & Roslyn Wright and 8 grandchildren.

Funeral services will be held Tuesday March 29, 2005, at 10 a.m. in the First Baptist Church in Gonzales and interment services will be held at 4 p.m. that afternoon in Grandview Cemetery on Spencer Hwy in Pasadena. The family will receive friends from 6 to 8 p.m. Monday at Seydler-Hill Funeral Home in Gonzales. Memorials may be made to the American Cancer Society, First Baptist Church Building Fund in Gonzales or the South Texas Hospice Assn. Seydler-Hill Funeral Home 906 St. Paul Gonzales, Texas 78629 830-672-3232



Jeanie Cooper Hinson
May 12, 1939-August 13, 2013

Jeanie Cooper Hinson died Tuesday, Aug. 13, 2013, at Terrebonne General Medical Center in Houma, La., surrounded by her children. She was 74.

She was born May 12, 1939, in Water Valley to Virgil “Tide” and Ila Martin Cooper. She moved to Vicksburg in 1954, where she was a resident of Redwood. Mrs. Hinson fought a long hard and courageous battle with ALS, “Lou Gehrig’s Disease”. She loved to hunt and fish in her younger years and was a diehard LSU fan, and proudly wore her purple and gold. Mrs. Hinson was employed for many years at Super Jr., where she enjoyed her work, family, and customers.

She is survived by two daughters, Pamela Lockard (Matt) of Vicksburg, Donna Neher (John) of Houma; two sons, Gary Hinson (Robin), and Mark Hinson (Stacie), both of Redwood; eight grandchildren: Justin Conrad (Kathy) of Redwood, Courtney Ryals (Jonathan) of Vicksburg, Karley Hinson, Kaylee Hinson, Meghan Hinson, Beau Hinson, and Catlyn Hinson all of Redwood, and Carolee Peterson (David) of Baton Rouge, La.; Nine great-grandchildren, Jay Conrad, Will Ryals, Kyley Ryals, Jager Ryals, Gage Wilkinson, Cale Peterson, Briggs Peterson, Wyatt Peterson, and Shaw Peterson; numerous nieces and nephews, and last but not least her companion, Tiger.

Besides her parents, she was predeceased by her husband and love of her life, James “Carol” Hinson; her stepmother Susie “Big Susie” Cooper, granddaughter Morgan Hinson, and sister Mary Elizabeth Smith.
Services will be 11 a.m. Friday at Riles Funeral Home with visitation from 9 a.m. until the hour of service. Interment will be in Cedar Hill Cemetery under the direction of Riles Funeral Home.

Pallbearers will be: Justin Conrad, Jonathan Wilkinson, Ben Wade, Scott Ashley, Roger Lester, and Bobby Stewart. Honorary Pallbearers: Butch Henley Kenny Haden, Wayne Garrard, Shane Garrard, Kim Leist, Martin Pace, and Ray Burroughs.

Memorials may be made in her honor to the ALS Association. Louisiana-Mississippi Chapter PO Box 66825, Baton Rouge, La 70896-6825.


James Crissler Fuller
ca. 1939-March 20, 2014,

TYLER, TEXAS — Services for James C. Fuller, a native and former resident of Redwood, were Saturday, March 22, 2014, in Lindale, Texas.

Mr. Fuller died March 20, 2014, at Colonial Nursing Center in Lindale. He was a U.S. Air Force veteran and was of the Baptist faith. He was retired from TXU Energy after 35 years.

He was preceded in death by his parents, Robert Chrissler and Lillie Bell Fuller, and three brothers.
Survivors include his wife, Peggy Stewart Fuller; sons, Chris Fuller and Donnie Fuller; stepdaughters, Julie Miller and Marla Gilbreath; seven grandchildren; a great-grandchild; a brother, Bobby Jack Fuller; and a sister, Faye Stout.

Memorials may be made to the American Cancer Society.



Aubrey F. Scarber
May 25, 1938 - April 22, 2014

Aubrey F. Scarber died April 22, 2014 at his home in Port Gibson. He was 75.

Born in Issaquena County to Thomas H. Scarber and Fannie Braxton Scarber on May 25, 1938, he lived most of his life in Vicksburg and Port Gibson. He worked for Vicksburg Terminal for 16 years. He also served in the U.S. Navy. Mr. Scarber was a member of Shiloh Baptist Church.

Along with his parents, he was preceded in death by his sister, Marceline Self. He is survived by his wife, Jewel Anderson Scarber of Port Gibson; son, Sam Scarber of Port Gibson; sister, Judy Sanders (Charles) of Vicksburg; and a grandchild, Thomas Hayden Scarber.

Funeral services will be at Glenwood Funeral Home on Thursday April 24, 2014, at 3:00 P.M. with Rev. Kelly Baldridge officiating. Burial will follow at Cedar Hill Cemetery. The Visitation will be at 1:00 P.M. Thursday until the hour of the service.

Pallbearers will be Glen Green, Keith Green, Hayden Scarber, Tracy Braxton, Neal Roberson, Carrol Anderson, Phillip Anderson. Honorary Pallbearers will be Wayne Anderson, Bucky Wilds, Jim Bolden, Buddy Surmerall, J.W. Boler, and John Scroggins.



Mary Nell Hart Waclawik
October 4, 1938 - August 7, 2014

Mary N. Waclawik nee Hart, age 75, of Whiting, passed away peacefully at home besides her loving husband and daughter on Thursday, August 07, 2014.

Mary is survived by her beloved husband Raymond of 58 years; her three children: Mark, Deborah, and Robert (Michelle); three grandsons: Michael (Jennifer), Taylor, and Darren; and by one beautiful great-granddaughter, Brooklyn Rose. Sister Patsy Trager, brother, Orvis Hart.

She is preceded in death by her parents, Orvis and Lillie Hart, and by her sister Colleen McCord.

Mary was a dedicated, faithful wife and mother who left lasting impressions on those she met. Her sister Pat wrote, "It was Mary's dream and hope to be a mother and homemaker. She was blessed andhad great success in both these endeavors." Mary’s motto in life was to “Keep on trucking” by taking the next step forward and never looking back. She lived each day with courage and enthusiasm and always looked for the best in people.


Claude Newman McBroom Sr.
December 6, 1937 - February 19, 2017

Claude Newman Mc-Broom Sr., 79, Wright City, passed away Sunday, Feb. 19, 2017, with his family by his side.

Claude was born Dec. 6, 1937, to Wesley Earl McBroom and Rosalie McCauley. He entered into the U.S. Air Force June 1, 1957, at Chennault Air Force Base, Louisiana state. Claude served in the military until May 1960. He married Mary S. Guion June 16, 1962, in Vicksburg, Miss. They spent a little more than 54 years together.

Claude worked as a law enforcement officer for 29 years. He loved to spend time with his grandchildren and when he was younger, he loved going fishing with his brothers. Claude was a family man and he also enjoyed traveling with his wife.

Claude is survived by his loving wife, Mary McBroom; two sons, Claude McBroom Jr. and wife Tracey, and Mike McBroom and wife Veronica; 10 grandchildren, Kaitlyn, Justin, Ryan, Haley, Gavin, Julia, Ayden, Justin, Patrick and Shawn; one sister, Hazel Allen; other relatives and many friends. He was preceded in death by his parents, Wesley and Rosalie; three brothers, George, Earl and Charles McBroom; and one sister, Georgia McBroom.



Jack Patrick Davidson Sr.
March 12, 1939 - March 31, 2019

Jack Patrick Davidson, Sr. departed this life Sunday, March 31, 2019, at his home in Edwards surrounded by his family. He was born May 12, 193,9 and graduated from Redwood High School in 1957. He later owned and operated a Volkswagen repair business in Vicksburg for many years, then worked at Parts Supply until his retirement in 2001.

He was preceded in death by his parents, father: Leo Patrick Davidson (1914–2000), John Allen Tatum (stepfather) and Thelma Ione Hambright Davidson Tatum Raney (1921–1997)(mother); his son, Jack Patrick Davidson, Jr.; a brother, James B. Davidson and a sister, Judith Patricia Rhodes.
Special thanks are given to the Angels of Kindred Home Health and St. Joseph Hospice.

Survivors include his wife, Beverly of Edwards; his daughter, Robyn (David) Hamilton of Edwards; his son, John A. Davidson of Edwards; his 3 sisters, Nadine (Kenneth) Wilson of Winnsboro, LA, Brenda Raney of Rayville, LA and Lola Greeson of Pflugerville, TX; his 2 brothers, Charles A. (Joyce) Tatum of Mobile, AL and Tommy Morris of Collins, MS; his 3 grandchildren, Justin (Angela) Hamilton, Kelly Hamilton and Chase Hamilton all of Edwards; his aunts, Flora Burris of Monroe, LA,  Myrtis Ford of Vicksburg and Willie Mae Davidson of Jackson; his sister-in-law, Barbara Davidson of Selma, AL; as well as numerous nieces nephews and cousins.

Funeral services will be held Wednesday, April 3, 2019, at 2:00 PM in the chapel of Glenwood Funeral Home in Vicksburg with Revs. Elizabeth Piazza and John Evans officiating. Visitation will be noon Wednesday until the hour of the service. Interment will follow in the Edwards Cemetery.

Pallbearers will be Jerry Davidson, James Davidson, Jeffrey Davidson, Johnny Davidson, Justin Hamilton and Chase Hamilton.


Stephen Bounds
December 1, 1938 - July 2020


Stephen "Steve" Bounds, Sr was born December 1, 1938 in Canton, Mississippi. He moved to Redwood, Mississippi in middle school and graduated top of his class. He graduated from Hinds Community College and attended Delta State University shortly after. Steve married his college sweetheart, Hilda Dungan, in August of 1959. 

Steve began working at Vicksburg Chemical, later taking a job in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, with Allied Chemical Company. After spending the next couple of years living overseas Steve began working at Ergon.

Steve spent the biggest part of his life working at Ergon Refinery from mid 1970 to 2006. Known for his sense of humor and tall tales, he was always working on something requiring hired help in the form of his three grandsons. He enjoyed a close relationship with the Lord, good ole country living, having a beautiful garden until the past few years, and he adored his grandsons and was very close to his granddaughter Rachel Berryman.

Steve is preceded in death by his parents, Felix and Helen Bounds, the mother of his children, Hilda Dungan, and his grandson, Thomas Martin Hogan. 

He is survived by his son, Steve Jr. (LeAnn), daughter Theresa (Don Ho) Ainsworth, grandsons, Richard Allen Berryman, and Stephen Grant (Rachel) Berryman; brothers Richard Bounds and Paul Burges; sister Jackie Stewart.



There will be a graveside service held at Cedar Hill Cemetery on July 29, 2020 at 10:00AM.

In lieu of flowers, please donate to Saint Jude.



Carol Jean Smith Tedder
March 17, 1939 - July 7, 2023 


Carol Jean Tedder passed away Friday, July 7, 2023. She was 84 years old.

She is preceded in death by her parents Opha Carroll Smith (1913-1995)and Mary Broadway Smith (1918-2001); Husband, Jimmy “Buddy” Tedder; Son, Richard Tedder; Sisters, Mary Jo Martin and Loga Ann Oakes (Thomas Henry); Brother, Billy Wayne Smith; Granddaughter, Morgan Leigh Tedder.


She is survived by Sons, Gerald Tedder (Nancy), James Tedder (Vicki), Charlie Tedder (Dana), Timmy Tedder and David Tedder; Daughter, Elizabeth “Liz” Fuller (Rhea) and 16 Grandchildren and 8 Great Grandchildren.

Carol attended Redwood High School, graduating in 1957.

Carol Jean had a great love of reading, cooking, traveling and most of all spending time with family and friends. Her doors were always open to her children’s friends or anyone in need.

A memorial service will be held at 5:00 pm on Saturday, July 22, 2023, at Glenwood Funeral Home with Pastor Tiana Rabearison officiating. Visitation will be from 3:00 pm until the hour of the services.





Walter Charles Hintson
October 12, 1939 - December 14, 2023 


Walter Charles Hintson passed away on Thursday, December 14, 2023. He was 84 years old. He graduated from Redwood High School. He was a member of the Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church. He also attended Redwood Methodist Church. He enjoyed doing woodwork, hunting and fishing. One of his favorite things to do was spend time with his family.

He is preceded in death by his parents, Walter Clifton and Marie Hintson; sister, Barbara Nell Park; nephew, David Clifton Park.

He is survived by his wife of 61 years Cecille Bonney Hintson; daughters, Rachelle H. Ferris (Mac); Pam Smith (J.O.); sister, Ruby Wray Bounds (Richard); nephews, Ricky Bounds (Tonya) and Howard Park (Cindy); grandchildren, Eden Stegall (Will) and Sarah Kate King (Jon Edward), great-grandchild, Layla James Stegall; niece, Renee Lee (Michael); numerous great nephews and nieces.

Charles and Cecille were married on June 10,1962, in Phoenix, MS.

Pallbearers will be Howard Park, Ricky Bounds, Sammy Soignier, Michael Lee, Anthony Lewis, Rufus Jeffery, Chad Bounds and Chandler Bounds. Honorary pallbearers will be Will Stegall, Jon Edward King, Mel Allen Ragan, Zach Smith, Larry Burroughs, Buddy Luckett, Patrick Smith, Greg Bryan, Jamie Richardson, John Robert Reeder, Billy Hearn, Hayden Skipper, Men of Wesley Chapel UMC and Redwood Methodist Church.

Visitation will be at Glenwood Funeral Home on Monday, December 18, 2023, from 9:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. Funeral services will follow at 11:00 a.m. with Rev. Dr. John Ford, Charles "Bubba" Hanks and Richard Henley officiating the service. Burial will follow at Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church Cemetery.

The family would like to recognize the nurses at River Region in the ER and ICU for their wonderful care especially, Jackie Powell, Chelsea Banks, Craig Harris, Tiara Brown and Ashley Riggs, and his wonderful team of doctors. Dr. Sam Pierce, Dr. Paul Pierce IV, Dr. Raman Sohal, Shelby Primeaux, Laura Burris, Morgan Caulfield and Leslie Davis.

In lieu of flowers memorials can be made to Wesley Chapel UMC or Redwood Methodist Church.


Margaret Alexander Griffith
August 5, 1939 - April 8, 2024 


Margaret Elizabeth Griffith passed away Monday, April 8,2024 at Merit Health River Region Hospital in Vicksburg, Mississippi. She was 84. She was born August 5,1939 in Vicksburg to Robert Harold Alexander and Zella Ruth Dunn. 

She retired from the Department of Transportation of the Vicksburg-Warren School District after 21 years of service. Prior to that, she worked for Westinghouse and was a dedicated and loving homemaker and mother.

She was preceded in death by her father Robert Harold Alexander, mother Zella Ruth Dunn, brother Harold Dunn Alexander, husband Bobby Ray Griffith and son Thomas Ray Griffith. 

She is survived by her brother Robert Clyde Alexander, sisters Martha Ruth Alexander and Ida Ann Windham and son James Harold "Pete" Griffith.

Visitation will be held at Fisher-Riles Funeral Home, 5000 Indiana Ave. Vicksburg, MS 39180 Thursday, April 11,2024 from 9am until the hour of service at 11am.

In lieu of flowers donations can be made to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation ,1907 Dunbarton Drive, Suite C, Jackson, MS 39216.