Redwood Track


Thanks to Jane Keen Griffin for some of the photos and information used here. If others have photos to contribute please contact Mel Oakes,

Track History 1947 - 1965

Redwood begins the 1944-45 school year as a high school with girls' and boys' basketball. In 1946, football was added. In 1947, girls' and boys' track was added. These sports remained the same through the 1948 and 1949 school year. In 1950 baseball was added. From 1950, through 1961 Redwood High School had football, girls' and boys' basketball, girls' and boys' track and baseball. In 1962, baseball was dropped. The remainder of the above-named sports remained a part of the athletic program until Redwood High School once again became a 1st through 8th grade school. The following people coached track from 1947 through 1965:

Harold Bishop

1954 Girls Relay Team:
Left to Right: Jane Keen, Georgia Burton, Katherine Brewer, Peggy Sue Allison















1954 Girls Track Team:

Above: Front Row: Peggy Sue Allison, Jane Keen, Georgia Burton Back: Katherine Brewer, Coach Ralph Wells and Betty Jean Alderman

At right: Front Row: Peggy Sue Allison, Jane Keen, Marie Champion. Back: Katherine Brewer, Betty Sue Alderman, Georgia Burton


Track Meet at Clinton, MS
Track Scenes
Jane Keen
Jane Keen and Johnny Griffin













Mississippi State Track Records in 1954































Jane Keen at finish line.


1953 South Mississippi Meet, May 1, 1953
Jane Keen wins:
1st in 50 yd dash- 6.1 sec
1st in 75 yd dash- 9.1 sec



1953 State Meet, May 8, 1953
Jane Keen wins:
2nd in 50 yd dash-Red Ribbon below
3rd in 75 yd dash-White Ribbon below
These were the only place finishes by Redwood. Girls team finished 6th.



1953 District B-BB Track Meet,
April 20, 1953
Tom Dye wins:
3rd in 100 yd dash
1st in 220 yd dash
Floyd Oakes wins:
2nd in Pole Vault (10’3” with pole borrowed from Brown-Utica)
Will Breland wins:
3rd in Mile Run

Jane Keen wins:
1st in 50 yd dash-Red Ribbon above
1st in 75 yd dash-White Ribbon above
Redwood Girls Relay:
1st in 300 yd relay
2nd in 200 yd relay
Betty Jean Alderman wins:
1st in baseball throw (170 ft)