Billy King Pennington's Family



King Siblings at Hope’s 80th Birthday (Nov. 30, 2007), L to R:
Back: Cecil (Class of 1957) and Robert (Class of 1955)
Seated: Hope ( Oak Ridge Class of 1945) and Billy (Redwood Class of 1947)

King Family Information

  • William Ashford and Julia Ann Martin King
    • Children
      • Minnie Pearl King and W. K. Canaday
        • Oliver "Ollie" Canaday
      • Margie Bell King and J. Crit Davidson
        • Leo
        • Victor
      • John William and Willie Cable King
        • J. C.
        • Margie Belle
        • Bill
      • Julia Lucinday King and Charles Erwin
        • C. W. Jr.
        • Ruby Ann
        • Frances
        • Cecil
      • Annie Laurie King and Clifton Bonney
        • Ernestine
        • Juian
        • Sarah
        • Melba
        • Flora
        • Alouise
        • Charles
      • Warren Grover and Bessie Hall King
      • Martin Luther and Estell Cooper King
        • Martin Luther Jr.
      • Ernest Grady and Bessie Cole King
        • Jewel
        • Hope
        • Billy
        • Robert
        • Cecil
      • Sally Mozel King and Ollie Halll
      • Ruby Austin King and Robert D. O'Connor
        • Joy May
        • Peggy Lou
        • Robert D. Jr.



Cole Family Information

  • Marquis Lafayette (1838–1883) and Amanda Vick Gardner (1832–1910) Cole
    • Georgia M. Cole (1864–1887)and J. H. Crouch (?)
    • Nannie R. (1873–1878)
    • Hallie C.
    • Daniel Sterling (1865–1932)and Katie Graham (1895–1980) Cole
      • Children
        • Daniel Rudolph Sr. (1893–1943)
          • Daniel Rudolph Jr.
        • Russell G. and Addis Hackler Cole
          • James R.
          • Catherine Cole Bufkin
          • Isabell Cole Smith
          • Zane Grey
          • John Scott
          • Joseph Dean
        • Fred Biedenharn "Fritz"and Genevieve O'Connor Cole
          • Fred B. Jr. and Doloros Sidener
          • Barbara Cole McCormack
          • Patsy Cole Wilson
        • Hal Scott
        • Bessie and Ernest Grady King
          • Jewel
          • Hope
          • Billy (Pennington)
          • Robert Ernest
          • Cecil
        • Katie
    • Daniel Sterling and second wife, Alice Hackler Cole
      • Children
        • Frances Cole and Karl Keen
          • Jo Ann (Kelley)
          • Jane (Griffin)
          • Sonny
          • Keith
















Below is a photo gallery for the King and Cole Family, many photos provided by Billy King Pennington and some by Dan Cole. Billy King's parents were members of the Oak Grove Baptist Church. Family members are buried in Cane Ridge Cemetery, location: Go up Highway 3 and turn on Phoenix Road. The pavements ends, continue for one mile. The cemetery is on the right. Billy devoted much time and energy trying to get this cemetery cleaned up. The authorities refused to help despite legislation permitting them to do it.

King and Cole Family Gallery

King Family, ca 1902

Front Row: Ernest Grady King (1894-1962) (Bessie Cole), William Ashford King (1846-1927), Julia Ann Martin King (1860-1939), Sally Mozell (1900-1946) (Hall), John William King (1884-1918) (Willie Cable)

Back Row: Minnie Pearl King (Canaday) (1881-1943)?, Annie Laura King (1888-1980) (Bonney), Warren Grover King (1891-1968) (Bessie Hall), Margie Bell King (1882-1947) (Davidson), Julia Lucinday King (1886-1967) (Erwin), Martin Luther King (1892-1948) (Estell Cooper)

Julia is pregnant with Ruby Austin (O'Connor) (1902-1974)

Things to notice in photo: Ernest and Martin are barefoot, common practice during the summer for kids. Minnie has a fan for the heat. Old big wheel tricycle at left.There is a person in the breezeway to the left of the post. There appears to be a barn seen at the right through the porch. Wood shingle roof. The dogs in the photo did not follow the photograpers instructions to remain still. William, the father, is 14 years senior to his wife Julia. William and Julia were married April 8, 1880. He would have been 34 and she was 20.

Maybe Lucinda McBride King, (1819-1912), wife of John B. King, mother of William Asford King.
Julia Ann Martin King, (1860-1939)
Ernest Grady King (1894-1962), WWI, married Bessie Cole
Ernest Grady King (1894-1962). He was inducted into the US Army on April 2, 1918 and sent to Camp Pike in Arkansas. His profession was farmer. His company was Veterinary Detachmen Auxiallry Remount, Depot 317, Aux BMT DEP OMC.The horses purchased for the army were shipped to the various remount depots and there trained and conditioned for army use in the US or shipped to France.. AUXILIARY REMOUNT DEPOT NO. 317 Camp Pike, Arkansas , 6 commissioned officers 75 enlisted personnel, opened 9-7-1917, Closed, Authorized capacity 5000 animals, average animal strength 3644. He was discharged May 23, 1919. He is buried in Cain Ridge Cemetery, Oak Ridge, MS.

King Brothers

Left to Right: ?, ?, William Ashford King (1846-1927), ?, ?, ?. Willam's siblings were Nancy J., Peter M., and James. His father was Jonn


Left to Right: ?, Julia Martin King (1860-1939), ?, ?

Warren Grover King (1891-1968), married Bessie Hall.
Ernest and Warren King
Warren Grover and Bessie Hall King
Warren Grover King
Warren Grover King and Millie Pettis
Bessie Hall King, wife of Warren Grover King.
An institution for many Redwood alumni would be Bud & Minnie Allison’s store across the highway from the school. The Old Redwood Store was photographed above in 1914. Established in 1880, it was originally located near the Yazoo River levee, east of the more familiar Highway 61 site. The building was moved after the 1927 flood. It was later removed to allow for widening of the highway. Man on horse is Russell Cole (father of Dean Cole), was identified by Frances Keen as Joe Owsley, however he was born in 1903 and would be only 11 years old, maybe too young for this boy. I believe he is likely Hal Scott Cole who would be 17. Zooming in one sees a narrow faced, thin young man, certainly consistent with him being Hal Scott Cole. Scott Cole picture is shown later in this album. The man with the black hat, near the boy, is reported to be Hal Scott Cole, not likely since Scott Cole was only 17 at the time, half-brother to Frances Cole Keen. When you zoom in on this man he is thick through the chest, maybe has a moustache, and looks far older than 17. The man in the middle, holding a bottle at his waist, is Dan Sterling Cole, Billy King Pennington's and Jane Keen Griffin’s grandfather. Man on log with whip attached to the stick is Russell Graham, maybe Peggy Sue Allison Blansett’s grandfather; next to him is Brison Whitaker, and next to him is Lawrence Graham (maybe Evelyn Whitaker’s and Dorothy Butts’ father).
Warren King and Phillip Irwin
Marquis Lafayette Cole (1838–1883), great-grandfather of Billy King Pennington. He was born in Virginia.
Amand Vick Gardner (1832–1910). Great-grandmother of Billy king Pennington.
Daniel Sterling Cole, husband of Katie Cole, grandfather of Billy King Pennington,
Mary Katherine Graham Cole, grandmother of Billy King Pennington
Daniel S. Cole, husband of Katie Cole, grandfather of Billy King Pennington, age 67

Bessie Cole King, likely photo at Hillman College, a girls school in Clinton where she was a freshman in fall 1922. Her father provided the funds for her expenses. She went there with Gerturde Hall and Lucille Hintsen. Gertrude graduated, however Bessie dropped out to marry Ernest King.

October 14, 1901-November 24, 1980. Buried in Milldale Cemetery, Redwood. ca. 1917-18

Bessie Cole King, mother of Billy King Pennington
Katie Cole Bufkin, sister to Bessie Cole King. She and Bessie played basketball at Oak Ridge School.
Hope King, Russell Cole and Bessie Cole King
Jewell King

Frederick B. "Fritz" Cole (1900-1958), WWI, Enlisted April 18, 1917. His unit likely trained in Camp Funston, Kansas. They disembarked for France on the requisitioned British ocean liner, now a troopship, RMS Coronia from New York Harbor on June 4, 1918 amid recent German submarine attacks on small boats in the area. Picture below is of the Coronia from that very voyage.

They arrive Liverpool on June 16. After a few days of refitting and drilling at Winchester, the Division was transported by rail to Southampton for embarkation across the Channel to France. The transports were mostly channel packets, fast flying, frail boats driven at high speed by turbine engines. They landed at Lavre. They were taken by train to Chaumont and Neufchateau, only sixty kilometers from the front. The 356th was sent to Litfol le Petit. They trained for two months before being sent by bus and trucks to Toul.

The first combat element of the 89th Division to enter the line was the 1st Battalion of the 355th Infantry, which relieved a battalion of the 327th Infantry, 82nd Division, near Beaumont on the night of August 4-5. Battalions of the 353rd, 354th and 356th regiments quickly followed, and by the morning of August 10th the Division was holding the entire line.  The unit was a major participant in the Battle of St. Mihiel; Meuse-Argonne; Lorraine 1918. The regularly faced artillery and gas shells. Below is a photo of the American and German lines.

"G. H. Q. AMERICAN EXPEDITIONARY FORCES France, December 26, 1918. It is with soldierly pride that I record in General Orders a tribute to the taking of the St. Mihiel Salient by the First Army. On September 12, 1918, you delivered the first concerted offensive operation of the American Expeditionary Forces upon difficult terrain against this redoubtable position, immovably held four years, which crumpled before your ably executed advance. Within twenty-four hours of the commencement of the attack, the salient had ceased to exist and you were threatening Metz. Tour divisions, which had never been tried in the exacting conditions of major offensive operations, worthily emulated those of more arduous experience and earned their right to participate in the more difficult task to come. Not only did you straighten a dangerous salient, capture 16,000 prisoners, and 443 guns, and liberate" 240 square miles of French territory, but you demonstrated the fitness for battle of a unified American Army. We appreciate the loyal training and effort of the First Army. In the name of our country, I offer our hearty and unmeasured thanks to these .splendid Americans of the 1st. 4th and 5th Corps, and of the 1st. 2nd. 3rd. 4th, 5th, 26th. 28th. 29th, 32nd, 33rd, 35th, 37th. 42nd. 77th. 78th. 79th, 80th, 81st, 82nd, 89th. 90th and 91st American Divisions."
JOHN J. PERSHING. General. Commander-in-Chief.

The following entry record Fred's return home. Name: Fred B. Cole Departure Date: 16 May 1919, Departure Place: Brest, France, Arrival Date: 29 May 1919, Arrival Place: Hoboken, New Jersey, Residence Place: Redwood, Mississipp, Father: Dan S Cole, Ship: HUNTINGTON Military Unit: COMPANY E 356TH INFANTRY Regiment, Rank: Private First Class, Service Number: 1593474. This Regiment was under 89th Infantry Division and 177th Infantry Brigade.

There is a record of a US Army Transport Service that lists Fred Departing August 22, 1919 from Hoboken, NJ on the ship, Sobral. He is in the Company A, 155th Infantry, 39th Division which consist of 254 men. Their destination is France. This is of course after the Armistice. It appears he was sent to France twice. This time serving in the occupying force. Maybe he re-enlisted. Below is a photo of members of the 356 Reg. Infantry at Steney Meuse, France. Nov. 14, 1918. Released from service June 13, 1919
A detail history of the 89th Division can be found here.

He married Genevieve O'Connor Cole. They had one son, Fred B. Cole Jr., and two daughters, Barbara Cole McCormack and Patsy Cole Wilson. As a result of being gased and suffering shell shock, Cole's physical and mental health suffered after returing to civilian life. He was born on July 9, 1900 and he died Ausgust 14, 1958 in Biloxi, MS. He is buried in Milldale Cemetery in Redwood, M next to his wife, Genevieve (1911-1994). The inscription on the shared stones is:

"Warm sun shine kindly here
Cool Southern breeze blow gently here
Green sod above, lie light
Goodnight dear heart, goodnight."


Jewel King, (Sept 5, 1926–july 6, 1935)
Hope and Jewel King
Hal Scott Cole, born February 15, 1897, enlisted in the US Navy Reserve Force at Meridian, MS, on June 15, 1918. His rank was fireman, third class, USS North Carolina. He died during the influenza epidemic in Naval hospital, Chelsea, MA, on September 16, 1918. His parents were Dan S. and Katie Graham Cole of Redwood, MS. He is buried in Milldale Cemetery.
Dan Rudolph Cole Sr., son of Dan S. and Katie Graham Cole of Redwood, MS. Brother of Hal Scott Cole. Dan was born October 15, 1894 (jos draft registration says November 15, 1893) in Redwood, He was married to Callie Ann Duke Bryant (1895–1980). They had a son, Dan Rudolph Cole Jr. who married Jean Pannell. Dan died March 29, 1943 in Somerset, Tensas Parish, LA. He is buried in Cedar Hill Cemetery in Vicksburg.
Katie Cole (February 28, 1868–June 8, 1909, wife of Dan Cole, mother of Bessie Cole King and grandmother of Billy King Pennington.

Katie Cole (February 28, 1868–June 8, 1909, wife of Dan Cole, mother of Bessie Cole King and grandmother of Billy King Pennington.

Color adjusted, probably closer to orignial colors.

Johnny Flanagan, Ernest Hall and Warren King
Cecil, Billy, and Robert Ernest King. 2001 Graham-Cole Reunion.
Robert Ernest and Anita King, 2004.