Yat Lok Jue and Yik Sim Jue



Seated: Yat Lok Jue and Yik Sim Jue
Standing: Johnson, Pansy, May Lee, Anna Rose, Jin


Yak Lok Jue was born in China July 7, 1898 (January 8, 1898 in Naturalization papgers.) in Sun Boy Village, Hoy Ping District, Kwangtun, China. His father, Jue Jun Low, was born in the United States.

On January 21, 1922 he was admitted for permanent residence in the US.

In 1931 Yak Lok Jue arrives from China on board the President Lincoln. He is a merchant headed for Cary, MS to join brother Jue Yat Oy. Place of birth K'tung Sunning. He is 34 years old. Wife is Quan Shee Shen Boy, Address: Hoiping Kwangtung, China. He has been in the US from 1922 to 1930. He had left February 22, 1930 and is returning in September 1931.

In 1940 Yat Lok Jue is in rural Sharkey County, Mississippi where he is living with his family. He owns a retail merchant store.

Lok Jue Yat 42
Yok Sus Jue Yat 42
Jo Surrynew Jue Yat 19 son (there is a suffix on son that looks like av or ab) born China
Johnson Jue Yat 11 son born China
Arnice Lou Jue Yat 2 daughter born US
Pansy Jue Yat 1 daughter born Us
Yat Oi Jue Yat 43 brother
Wong Nice Kee Jue Yat 38 sister-in-law
Bo King Jue Yat 19 nephew
Brook Jue Yat 14 nephew
Lily Mae Jue Yat 2 niece
Chew On Jue Yat 45 lodger cook

His brother, Yat di Jue, is living with him. Yat di Jue lived in China untll 1909. His father was in Piedmont. CA in 1921. At that time, Yat di Jue was living in Wynona, OK in the cafe business. He had travelled to China to visit his mother in 1921 and filed an application for a passport. He was sailing to China on the S. S. Persia Maru. Yat di Jue (Jue Yat Oi) was born April 14, 1896, in Canton, China.

Yak Lok Jue died March 6, 1983 in Santa Clara,CA.

Seated: Anna Rose, Yik Sim Jue, Pansy

Standing: Jin, Yay Lok Jue, Molly, Johnson