Redwood Reunion 2023



Reunion Photos

This year the reunion held at on October 21, 2023 at Sheffield's Warehouse at 1609 Levee Street. We are happy to acknowledge the generous support from Johnny Sheffield family and the Heggins family.

Here we have photos from Redwood School Reunions contributed by Donald and Bettye Oakes. We have included some attendees from Jett and Culkin also. I will happily add items to the page if submitted. My email is


RHS Reunion 2023
Donald Oakes
Bettye Barnette Oakes and Patsy Jamison Brown-Jett School Coordinators
Annie Warnock (Culkin)
Patsy and Oscar Barnes (Jett and Culkin)
Nona and Richard Allen
Richard and Ruby Bounds
Alfred Hearn
Johnny Franklin
Sally Porter
James Coley and daughter, Jean Ann Coley
Nona and Keith Keen
Jeanette Beard
Vera Smithhart Hearn
Ronnie Matthews (Jett)
Cecille Hintson (spouse of Chares Hintson)
Lonnie Wooley
Mary Lynn Turner Patton
Frances and Keith Keen
Vivian Burroughs Middleton
William Brent
Jerry and Phyllis Conrad
Paul and Beth Fields
Warren Central Grads of 1966
Bettye Barnette Oakes
Bettye Barnette Oakes
Jett High School banner
Ruby, Richard, Molly, Nona, James, Johnny
Cecile and Charles Hintson, Ruby and Richard Bounds
James McCluskey and Sonny Keen
Charles Hintson, Ruby , Richard Bounds, Vivian Middleton, Molly McCluskey and Nona Keen
Douglas Jernigan and Cecile Hintson
Johnny Franklin, Keith Keen, Frances Keen, Jerry Conrad
Beth Fields, Paul Fields, Ann Grove (non-Redwood0
Jett People
John Grove, Faye ?, ?, Joe Wooley
Eddie Fowler, Betty Barnette Oakes, ?
James McCluskey, Richard Bounds, Sonny Keen
Molly and James McCluskey
Redwood Attendees
Lonnie Wolley and Sally Porter