Redwood Reunion 2014



Reunion Photos

Here we have photos from Redwood School Reunions. I will happily add items to the page. My email is


Vivian Burroughs Middleton & ?

Jane Griffin, Ted Porter, Johnny Griffin, Max Evans, Jerry Marshall

Johnny Griffin, Max Evans & Jerry Marshall

Jane Keen Griffin & Ted Porter

Max Evans

Ray Sanderson

Doug Jernigan and Martha Jernigan

Billy Bishop, Betty Jean (Alderman) & Lamar Thomas

Norman Oakes, Bobby Jernigan, Billy Bishop, Martha Jernigan

Marjorie Kinnibrew & Donald Oakes

Doug Jernigan & Ray Sanderson

Lamar & Betty Jean Alderman Thomas

Gloria Crapps Dunn, Floyd Oakes, Max Triplett

Floyd Oakes & Max Triplett

Unknown and Sally (Cooper) and Ted Porter

James? & Joan Redditt Campbell

Joy Sanderson Dupuy

Group Photo

Group Photo

Group Photo

Group Photo

Johnny Griffin and Bob Hardy

Marjorie Kinnebrew, Carolyn Simmons Douglas, Johnny Franklin, Jim Hall

Marjorie Kinnebrew & Carolyn Simmons Douglas,

Doris Burroughs, Molly Buroughs McClusky, Ruby Hintson Bounds

Marjorie Kinnebrew, Carolyn Simmons Douglas, Johnny Franklin, Jim Hall

James Coley and Johnny Griffin

Dot Dorman

Lamar & Betty Jean Alderman Thomas

Richard & Ruby Hintson Bounds, Charles and Cecille Hintson

Lindy Sherman Marshall, ? Marshall, Emma & Marvin Marshall

Maxine Wright, Helen and Norman Oakes

Bobby Jack Jernigan, Billy Wright, Maxine Thomas Wright, Helen and Norman Oakes

L to R: Helen & Norman Oakes, Floyd and Betty Terrell Oakes, Floyd and Norman are first cousins.

Douglas Jernigan & Ray Sanderson

Franks Owens & Gloria Crapps Gunn

Joe Wooley

Max Evans, Sue Evans, & Leroy Evans

James McCluskey, Molly Burroughs McCluskey. Doris Burroughs

Emma Maddox Marshall

Vivian Burroughs Middleton

Betty Tucker

Betty and Jerry Franklin

Betty Price & Johnny Franklin

Jim Hall & Johnny Franklin

Margie Kennibrew

Bennie Shiers

Lonnie Hollowell

Jerry Marshall

Billy Wayne and Betty Bishop

Allen Hollowell

Sylvia (Smith) and Thad Shiers

Emma Lee Wilson, Ella Sue Porter Embry and Buddy Terrell

Gloria Crapps Gunn

Dot Dorman and Ray Sanderson

Dorothy Griffiths

Ella Sue (Porter) Embry and brother Ted Porter

Richard & Ruby Hintson Bounds

Bobby Jernigan

Max Triplett, Floyd Oakes and Ray Sanderson

Floyd Oakes and cousin Norman Oakes

James Coley

Betty Terrell Oakes and Ted Porter

Burl Warnock

Lamar Thomas

Betty Jean Alderman Thomas

Max Triplett & Doug Jernigan

Clarence Whitaker

Nona & Sonny Keen

Frank Owens & Ted Porter

Max Triplet

Lovie Pugh Bailey & Robert Hardy

Charles and Cecile Hintson

Bob Hardy

Max Evans

Doug Jernigan

Srephen Bounds

Ray Sanderson

Fran Jefferies Graham

Ella Sue Porter Embry

Sally and Ted Porter

Patsy Brown and Bettye Barnett Oakes

Patsy Brown and Bettye Barnett Oakes

Bettye Barnett Oakes

Eddie Shiers