Redwood Reunion 2010



Reunion Photos

Here we have photos from Redwood School Reunions. I will happily add items to the page. My email is


Leroy Evans, Betty Terrell Oakes and Melvin Oakes


Mel Oakes & Jimmy Cowart

Jimmy Cowart & Mel Oakes

Mel Oakes & Pete Martin


Donald Oakes

Mel Oakes & J. C. Dorman

Dot Dorman, Mel Oakes, J. C. Dorman

Jane Keen Griffin & Floyd Oakes

Johnny and Jane Keen Griffin, and Mel Oakes

Mel Oakes, Shelby Jean (Redditt) Campbell, Donald Oakes

Display by Donald Oakes

Mel Oakes & Dan Ward

Donald Oakes

Dot and J. C. Dorman

Ceremony: Donald Oakes and Ted Porter

Betty Terrell Oakes, Cecil King, Peggy Ward Stokes

Betty Terrell Oakes & Peggy Ward Stokes

Charles Shive & Betty Terrell Oakes

Mel Oakes, Betty Terrell Oakes & Cecil King

Betty Oakes & brother Ronnie Terrell

Registration Table

Mel Oakes & William Brent

Mel and Floyd Oakes

Mel Oakes & Rosalie Jacks Farror

Mel Oakes & Chrisler Fuller

Dot Dorman

Oakes brothers preparing for Reunion (Donald, Floyd & Mel)

Floyd Oakes and Ray Sanderson

Coaches’ Table


Pat Oakes, Pete Martin, Betty Terrell Oakes

Lamar Thomas, James Coley, Pete Martin

Max Tripplet, Pete Martin, Frank Owens

Jett Check-in: Bettye Barnette Oakes

Original stationary for sale.

Cecille Hintson, Peggy Fuller, Betty Terrell Oakes

Chrisler Fuller

Redwood Check-in:

Margaret Young Rose & Rosalie Jacks Farror, Redwood Group

Redwood Group

Redwood Group

Redwood Group

Redwood Group

Phares Griffin

Nona & Sonny Keen

Redwood Lunch

Redwood Lunch

Redwood Group

Redwood Group

James Hearn, Cecilia Hintson, ? Fuller

Coopers and Porters


Thomas Keen

Mel Oakes & Jean (Redditt) Campbell

Kenneth, Max, Raymond, Leroy & Van Evans

W. C. & Dot Alderman

Donna Sullivan

Jim Harper & Jack Cooper

Nancy Ogle

Melvin Oakes

Randy Little & Gordon Cotton

Don and Jean Muirhead

Emily Marshall

Dan and Jean Raines Hall

Larry Little, Othel Mendrop, Shirley Brewer

Ray Sanderson

Stephen Bounds and Ella Sue Porter Embry

Alice and Troy Myers and ?

Betty Barnette Oakes & Patsy Jamison Brown

James McCluskey

Ella Sue Porter Embry & Molly Gayle Burroughs McClusky

Jane Keen Griffin and ?

Johnny Griffin

James Bramblett

James Hearn

Leroy Evans and Ella Sue Porter Embry

Johnny and Jane Keen Griffin

Jane Keen Griffin? and James Hearn

? and James Hearn

Valetta Martin, wife of Pete Martin

Mel Oakes and Gloria Crapps Dunn

Kathie Howell Cooper, Melanie Burroughs Daniels

Kathie Howell Cooper, Melanie Burroughs Daniels, Jim Bramblett

Audrey & C. T. Thornton

Bobo & Minnie Bourgoyne



? and Keith Keen

Johnny Franklin

Minnie & Bobo Bourgoyne, Tippie & Shirley

Glen Wells

Lonnie Hollowell

Patsy Adams Tompkins

Patsy Adams Tompkins & Margaret Young Rose

Martha & Bobby Jernigan

John & Clara Oakes

Diane Hearn Beauman

Max Triplett

James Coley

Vivian Bouroughs Middleton

Jack Cooper

Wilma Allison Cooper

Lamar Thomas

Gracie Park

Shirley Bourgoyne Cupp and Tippy Bourgoyne Cupp

Tippy Bourgoyne Cupp

Ella Sue Porter Embry & Shirley Bourgoyne Soverns

Van Evans

Erwin Baylot Sonny Keen


Shirley Brewer & Sonny Keen

Ella Sue Porter Embry and poster.

Sylvia & Thad Shiers and Jim Bramblett

Max Evans, Gordon Cotton, Bud Shiers

Mel & Pat Oakes

Margaret Young Rose, Rosalie Jacks Farror, Floyd Oakes

Erwin Baylot, Charles Hintson, Cecil King

Jim Bramblett

Floyd Oakes & Rosalie Jacks Farror

Ella Sue Porter Embry & Cecile Hintson

Charles Hintson & Ella Sue Porter Embry

Floyd Oakes

Richard Bounds

Betty Jo Terrell

Sonny Keen, Chrisler Fuller, Ella Sue Porter Embry, Sally Cooper Porter

Ted Porter, Floyd Oakes, Frank Owens

Sonny Keen & Ella Sue Porter Embry

Robert and Anita King

Margaret Young Rose

Cecil & Joyce King

James Oakes, Chrisler Fuller, Sonny Keen

Anita Loftin King & Ella Sue Porter Embry

Joyce King

Robert King, Cecil King, Sonny Keen

Cecil King, Sonny Keen, Chrisler Fuller, James Oakes

Sonny Keen, Cecil & Joyce King

Sally and Ted Porter, Ella Sue Porter Embry

? and James Oakes

Sylvia Shiers

Thad Shiers

James and Frank Ownes

James Oakes

Max Evans

Bettye Barnette Oakes & Patsy Jamison Brown

Chrisler Fuller

Bud Shiers

Dan Ward

Max Tripplet

Kenneth Evans

Gloria Crapps Gunn

James Coley, Pete Martin & Lamar Thomas

Pete Martin and Lamar Thomas

Pete Martin and Floyd Oakes

Ella Sue Porter Embry, Molly Gayle & James McClusky

Richard & Ruby Wray Hintson Bounds

Vera and George Brown

Tom Darby

Jerry & Elsie Marshall

Joe Wooley

Jerry Marshall

Kenneth Evans

Dan Ward

W. C. & Dot Alderman & Donald Oakes

Dot Everett

Emma Lee Marshall

Raymond Sanderson


Check in.

Donald Oakes, John & Clara Oakes

Jane Keen Griffin & Gloria Crapps Dunn

Donald Oakes, Vera & James Hearn

Claudius and Minnie Bourgoyne

Shirley Brewer & Glenn Wells

Diane Hearn Beauman & Shirley Brewer

Martha & Bobby Jernigan

Donald Oakes, John & Clara Oakes

James Coley, Lamar Thomas, Jack Cooper

James Coley signing, Lamar Thomas

Van Evans

Shirley Bourgoyne Cupp

Shirley Brewer & Sonny Keen

William Brent

Margaret Young Rose, Rosalie Jacks Farror, Floyd Oakes

Erwin Baylot & Charles Hintsen

Floyd Oakes & Margaret Young Rose

Jim Bramblett

Margaret Young Rose

Stephen Bounds

Betty Terrell Oakes, Annie Warnack, Ella Sue Porter

Sonny Keen

Frank Owens

Max Evans

Sally Cooper Porter

Ted Porter

Peggy & Chrisler Fulle

Donald Oakes

Donald Oakes

Pat Oakes, Pete Martin, & Betty Terrell Oakes

Max Triplett, James Coley, Pete Martin, Frank Owens